Private Bookings and Customized Events

Private Full Day Tours & Casablanca Shore Excursions

Our Full Day Tours and Shore Excursions are bookable online and are always private experiences for 1 to 8 guests. Pricing is all-inclusive for eight hours or more of guided sightseeing, private transportation, and your choice of meals and culinary and cultural activities. If you need to book a group larger than 8, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Our Coastal Road Tour and Moroccan Grilled Lunch is always a private food and cultural experience for up to 6 guests. Pricing includes guided sightseeing, private transportation, and a traditional meal in a coastal town outside of Casablanca city limits. For large group requests, use the form below.

Private Tea Time Experiences

Our Moroccan Tea Time Experiences are always private events exclusively for women. You’ll find a booking request form on the event description page or you can use the form below to request a tea time experience.

Private Moroccan Cooking Classes and Meals with Locals

Our in-home Moroccan Cooking Classes and Meals with Locals are always private for an online booking party of 1 to 6 participants. Use the form below if you’d like to book a larger group or don’t see availability on your selected date.

Private Casablanca Food Tours

Our regularly scheduled Casablanca food tours can be booked privately for up to 6 guests using the form on the individual tour pages. If you can’t find a Private Tour available on your date of choice or wish to book a larger group, please use the Private Booking Request form below.

Large Groups, Corporate Groups, and Customized Events 

We’re happy to work with tour operators, travel specialists, corporate groups, school groups, and other organizers to accommodate large groups or create unique customized experiences including team building activities. Please use the Private Booking Request Form below to get in touch with us.

Casablanca Airport Layovers

If you’d like to plan a customized airport layover or full-day itinerary of Casablanca activities that combine sightseeing with authentic Moroccan culinary experiences, we can arrange that for you, too! A licensed guide will accompany you and depending on your interests and desired level of activity, a private car and driver can be arranged as well. Please use the Private Booking Request Form below to make this request.

Private Booking Request Form


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