Frequently Asked Questions

Food tour participants are responsible for getting to and from the meeting points, which are accessible by taxi or private transfer. Once you’re at the meeting point, any necessary transportation as part of the tour will be provided. When taking a cooking class, you can choose to arrange your own transportation or book it as an add-on during checkout.

Our Full Day Casablanca Tour or Shore Excursion does include pick-up by a private driver and car, and we can also arrange private transportation when you book a custom private half day tour or airport layover. Use the form on our Private Events page to make that request.

Our food tours and Couscous Friday Cooking Class have fixed meeting points which will be detailed on your ticket.

Because our other cooking classes and eat-with-locals activities meet in private homes, we wait until a week before your event to share address details, host or instructor names and contact info, and transportation options (local petit taxi, tramway, etc.). Please remember to watch for that email before or during your travels.

Absolutely! We plan our regular events with adults in mind, but young foodies are always welcome when accompanied by an adult. Any restrictions or special considerations will be listed on the booking page for the tour or class. For example, some of our activities are not stroller accessible and children under age 6 are not permitted to attend cooking classes due to safety concerns.

We ask that you use your own judgment as to whether your young children might be disruptive to others attending a public event. If in doubt, you can always make your reservation private for your family or group. This option will be available on the booking page.

You can also book a private Full Day Casablanca Tour for your family. Let us know your kids’ ages so that we can suggest sightseeing and activities that your kids are likely to enjoy.


We run our tours and other events rain or shine. Generally speaking, our rainy season in Casablanca tends to be mid-fall through mid-spring. Please bring an umbrella or a raincoat if the weather looks questionable.

Comfortable, casual clothing is fine for all of our activities. If you’ll be on your feet for cooking classes or walking around a market for a tour, closed-toe shoes are best for comfort and protection.

We always suggest that visitors keep in mind that cultural and religious norms in Morocco tend to be conservative and this is reflected in modest standards of dress. Feel free to wear seasonally appropriate clothing, but to avoid unwanted attention we recommend that you not wear tank tops, low-cut or cropped tops, or shorts above the knee. In cooler months, dressing in layers is helpful as indoor/outdoor temperatures can vary greatly.

We know it’s tempting, but personal shopping throws a tour off schedule and is interruptive to other participants. If you’re hoping to acquire some spices, preserved foods, culinary oils, traditional cookware such as a tagine, or other items after your event, we suggest requesting a Half Day Tour Extension when booking the Marché Central Tour and Seafood LunchCouscous Friday Market Tour and Cooking Class or lunchtime Full Menu Moroccan Cooking Class. Once confirmed, it includes four hours with a guide, driver and private vehicle for up to 6 participants. Your itinerary is flexible and can include sightseeing, museum visits (admission not included) or shopping assistance. Please note that your guide can not negotiate prices, particularly on big ticket items such as rugs, furniture, paintings or other decor items.

Our tour guides and drivers are always grateful to receive tips for a job well done. If you’re attending a cooking class or an in-home meal, there is no need to tip the instructor or hostess. If you’d like to read more on this topic, see our article on Tipping in Morocco.

Tickets purchased through our site are fully refundable if your cancellation request is made at least two weeks in advance of your event, and 50% refundable if your cancellation request is made at least 48 hours before your event. After that time, no refunds will be given for cancellations or for failure to attend.

We’re also happy to accommodate date change requests which are made at least two weeks prior to your event. Please visit our Contact page if you need to make this request. Once your event is less than two weeks away, we’re unable to issue date changes.

It’s your responsibility to be at your meeting place on time. Our tour guides will allow only a few extra minutes to see if latecomers arrive. However, if you know you’re running late, please call us at the contact number on your ticket and we’ll do our best to reach your guide, host or cooking class instructor. The event will need to run on schedule, but you might be able to connect with the group at your lunch location or other meeting point.

If you do miss your event or fail to show, we’re unable to issue refunds because we must still pay our contractors and vendors who were expecting you.

Our food and cultural tours require only two adult participants in order to run, so cancellations are rare. If the minimum number of participants have not purchased tickets for your selected date, you’ll be notified in advance and given a full refund unless you prefer another option such as converting your order to a gift certificate or scheduling a date change.

Cooking classes and in-home meals with locals are privately booked, so it’s unlikely that a cancellation would be made from our end.

Our tours, culinary experiences and cooking class menus are alcohol-free and pork-free. This is in keeping with dietary norms in a Muslim country.

You can specify certain dietary restrictions while booking a Moroccan cooking class or in-home meal with locals. If interested in a tour where food is being prepared by vendors, restaurants or in a public space, it’s best to contact us about your concerns before booking. For example, we can help you avoid problem foods such as gluten or nuts while on tour, but cross-contamination remains a possibility.

Unfortunately most of our events are not wheelchair or stroller friendly. In most cases this is because the culinary experiences are held in spaces where stairs must be climbed.

If you’re booking our Marché Central Food Tour and Seafood Lunch, you’ll find that the market itself is wheelchair and stroller accessible but that the nearby city streets can be difficult to navigate. Expect curbs, uneven pavement and occasional tight spaces.


Most of our culinary experiences and classes are in locations where bathrooms are either on-site or nearby. When out on a tour, we can’t guarantee quick access to a public bathroom but your guide will locate one for you upon request.

Cameras are always welcome, and we’d love for you to share some great shots with us!  We do suggest, however, that you get permission before photographing Moroccans as they go about their work or day. You should expect that many Moroccans won’t appreciate having a tourist’s camera pointed in their direction and women in particular may find it offensive. Your guide can ask on your behalf in public spaces and markets and help assure those who decline that the image you’re taking will not include them.

Of course! We’re sure you’ll have a fabulous time! We offer solo participant pricing for our private cooking classes and private eat-with-locals experiences, and solo pricing for our Full Day Tour or Shore Excursion. If you’re interested in a public food and cultural tour which requires a minimum of 2 guests to run, we encourage you to  select an event on a day that already has some reservations. You can also opt to buy 2 adult tickets in order to guarantee that a new tour will run on your selected date; let us know that you’re a solo participant and if another party books the same tour, we’ll refund your second ticket.

Our cooking classes and eat-with-local experiences are always private for the booking party. Our food and cultural tours are public events which can be booked by multiple parties until all spaces have sold out, or they can be booked privately for your family or group. You’ll find that option available when booking your event online. Note that the private booking option will not be available if some tickets have already been sold for a particular date’s activity. You can also request a private or customized experience via the form on our Private Events page.

If you find that the only dates that you’re free are already booked, you can contact us to see if we can schedule a second private event for your group on that day.

We can also schedule private or customized events for families, corporate groups, travel agents, school groups, and others.

Please use the form on our Private Events page to get in touch.

All reservations require advance payment through this website. We don’t allow walk-ons and with the exception of children age 2 and under, we don’t allow non-paying guests, even if they are not planning to eat anything.

If you’re in Casablanca and are hoping to join a culinary experience on short notice, please visit our Contact Page to get in touch. It might be possible to add you to an event that’s already scheduled to run, or to arrange a last-minute private experience for your group.

For the most part, yes. During the summer months we run fewer events due to the vacation schedules of our guides and vendors. We offer only one regularly scheduled event during the month of Ramadan, and we don’t run events during national or religious holidays such as Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha.

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