Cancellation and Refund Policy

Following is a summary of our basic cancellation and refund policy. Please check your booking confirmation email for information specific to your booking.

Depending on whether you booked directly with us or through a third-party seller, the procedure to cancel and request a refund will differ.

Direct Bookings Made from Our Site

Cancellation requests must be made in writing by replying to your emailed booking confirmation, or by sending an email to

Please allow for time zone differences while waiting to hear back from us.

For small group food tours, cooking classes, and in-home meals that are booked directly from our website, we offer full refunds if cancellation requests are made more than 48 hours in advance of the event date.

After that time, no refunds will be available for cancellations or for failure to attend the event.

For private activities such as shore excursions, airport layovers, customized private tours, or other small group private events, we offer a full refund if cancellation requests are received at least 14 days in advance, and a 50% refund if cancellation requests are received more than 48 hours in advance. After that time, no refunds will be available for cancellations or for failure to attend the event.

Last-Minute Cancellations

We can not offer refunds for last-minute cancellations or failure to attend.

While we understand that last-minute situations may arise that prevent you from attending your event, we are still obligated to pay for any guides, vehicles, vendors, and hosts who are expecting you. In many cases, we will have already paid our contractors and suppliers in advance.

We strongly recommend taking out a travel insurance policy that protects you from the last-minute cancellation of activities due to sickness, missed flights, canceled or delayed port-of-call visits, accidents, and other unforeseen circumstances and travel interruptions.

Date Changes

We’re happy to try to accommodate date change requests but can’t promise that we’ll have an opening that works with your new plans. In the event we can’t make a date change, refunds will be offered according to the terms above.

Bookings Made from a Partner Site

We are unable to process cancellation and refund requests for bookings made from a third-party site such as TripAdvisor or Viator.

Your booking is bound by the cancellation and refund policies of that site. Please review your confirmation email for details of how to make a cancellation.

Agency, Corporate, and Other Private Bookings

Cancellation and refund terms will vary according to the type of tour or event and the number of participants and will be noted on your invoice. Deposits are always non-refundable.

In general, final invoice payments are 50% refundable for cancellations made at least two weeks in advance of the event date.

Do you need to reach us about something else? Please visit our Contact page.